3/1/2009 – My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meeee, Happy Birthday to me………

I was up at a reasonable time and early enough to speak to my brother online who I cajoled into singing for me. I made myself a cup of tea and opened a couple of cards. My Dad had sent me one to Australia and my Mum had sent a package. In it it had a birthday party hat, which I think I was most excited about, plus there was a couple of cards and a small evening bag.

birthday bbq breakfast

Grannie rang shortly after and then we had barbequed sausages and sauteed onions in sandwiches for breakfast. It made me very happy.

The morning went pretty slow, but now that I am an old bird, I don`t have the same youth and the vivacity that comes with it. I`m four years off 30 now! And I spent much of the morning considering this new age of mine. I was struck by how much older 26 sounds than 25. 25 stills had a youthful, fun edge to it, whereas 26 sounds responsible and reliable.

Running a little late, in no small part due to the length of time I spent applying a large quantity of eyeliner (now that I`m old I need to hide more). We piled into the car and van and drove to Eumundi Market.

377 376 373 eumundi

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. It rained. A lot. I come to the other side of the world, in the middle of their summer, and it still bloody rains on my birthday. I even put a hoody on at one point!!!!

Back to Eumundi. I love Eumundi and the market there, so cute. At my request we enjoyed a more leisurely pace this time and looked around more of the market and the village. I bought myself a t-shirt as pressie to myself and ate one of Matty`s mini pancakes.

We drove towards Noosa to spend an hour or so at the beach but the rain pelted down so we aborted the mission and headed home stopping at the shops on the way where I bought a bottle of vodka for myself (it was my birthday afterall).

The rest of the afternoon flew by, just chilling out, spoke to my Mum and then went to pick George up from work with Auntie Tracy.

my  birthday 398 399

Uncle David had arranged for a dinner party and Tommo and Nikkers also came over to enjoy the festivities. It was a really fun evening, the girls dancing and chatting, the guys playing pool. The dinner was delicious, we had fillet steak (beef is reeeeeeeeeeeally good here), crinkly chips (at my request), salad and home made garlic bread.

It was an awesome evening and I`m looking forward to my year ahead at 26 years old.

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