1/1/2009 – Tragedy on New Years Day


I don`t really know how I can describe today. Even to think about that morning makes me sad. I woke up fairly early but as I couldn`t hear any movement upstairs I lay-in for a while until Matty, who slept on the floor by my bed last night, woke up. He headed upstairs and I threw some clothes and made my way upstairs to the veranda. That`s when I saw everyone in tears. Uncle David couldn`t even tell me,  he just went to sit by the pool and Auntie Tracy told me that Rodney had been hit by a car this morning and his injuries were so severe they had to put him down. He was such a beautiful dog and it was just devastating for everyone. Poor Monty is on his own now and was wandering around looking for his twin who was now gone. It seemed unreal, only last night I was curled up on the sofa on the veranda with Rodney nestled between my legs for a cuddle and a snooze. I felt so bad for my Uncle David, it was his dog, and the whole family were so sad.

We tried to keep ourselves occupied by taking the tinny to Chambers Island. We took Monty with us who just sat on Auntie Tracy`s lap. I read my book for a while.

Back at the house we spent the afternoon in the pool trying to keep our spirits up.

water skiing

In the evening I went with Georgina, her boyfriend Tommo, his friend Fraser and Matty to the Ski and Surf. I`d never seen anything like it. There`s a lake and a pulley system which pulls people around on Wake-boards or Knee boards. George and I sat by the lake watching the guys do jumps and mostly failing. Matty was surprisingly good considering he`s only 10 years old and pretty new to it. I think it was a welcome distraction for the kids after losing their first pet so tragically and we went home in higher spirits.

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