31/12/2008 – New Years Eve

sea bug

I always find New Years Eve an odd day. You kind of feel obliged in so many ways. Obliged to go out, obliged to have fun, obliged to reminisce, obliged to make New Year`s resolutions…it`s just to much obligation. Maybe I don`t want to have fun. Maybe I want to stay in and feel grumpy, why would I want to celebrate something ending and something beginning anyway? It`s just another day, right?

So, I was in a bit of a mood and feeling the need to be on my own in my air conditioned room away from the ridiculous heat outside. I spent several hours writing my blog and sending emails. But the `grown-ups` were outside by the pool drinking, a session which had started at 10.30am when the guys arrived back from the airport with Casey, another old school friend of theirs. So I went for a dip in the pool, playing with my new WabbaBabba ball that I got for Christmas and which Matty soon commandeered. Being another searingly hot day it was only possible to be in the 3 places, submerged in the pool, cowering under the air con in my room or perched tentatively on a stool under the bamboo hut by the pool.


Uncle David made a delicious lunch of Fresh Prawns and Home-made Garlic Bread which everyone lapped up. Knowing I probably wouldn`t make it to midnight if I drank during the day in the hot sun, I abstained from the alcoholic frivolities until the evening. After an emotional conversation with my Mum, I whacked on the eyeliner and joined the dinner party where we enjoyed a feast of seafood including my first Seabug and Barramundi. It was fantastic. After the food we played Name the Tune with Jan singing the theme tunes. After a tie with Uncle David, I stormed to victory with the tie-breaker. Matty then insisted that we teach him Charades and so the evening continued until we were all gathered around the television watching the spectacle in Sydney.

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