30/12/2008 – Gardnes Falls and an evening down the pub

Nikkers, the girl I met in Laos,  had called  the previous day and we arranged for her to pick me up around 8.30am to go to Gardnes Falls up in the hinterland. We set off in Nikkers car, the sun blaring down us at 34 degrees already. We pumped up the music, wound down the windows and followed the GPS lady in the wrong direction. The SatNav tried to send us down a dirt track in the middle of nowhere until we came across a sign telling us that the road no longer existed. Nikkers had no idea how to get to Gardnes Falls, GPS lady was rubbish and after several phone calls to Nikkers Dad we eventually found Nambour and made the climb up into the range. I generally found this ordeal quite amusing except for moment when road was practically vertical and it didn`t look like Nikkers` old car would make it. Sure enough over an hour and half later and winging it a bit we stumbled across the small sign for Gardnes Falls.

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Down a steep little road we came to a small car park where we squeezed into one of the last spaces and using my sarong for a piece of modesty and slipped my bikini on by the car before following Nikkers down a wooded path to the waterfalls.

The waterfalls was pretty and pretty busy. Being the summer holidays here a lot other families/teenagers/young people had decided to cool off from the scorching sun in the waterfalls. The waterfall itself was maybe 15 feet high and crashed down into a large pool which had two swings either side of it which mainly young men were swinging off. Other people were just jumping off the rocks or the waterfall, but me, liking my head, decided to climb down the side and gently lower myself into the pool. Nikkers however, made like the boys and swung off the rope swing.

We enjoyed the coolness of the water as the sun heaved its hotness down on us, watching the various somersaults and flips being performed by those around us. The scenery was lovely: lush green trees and a gushing waterfall. It was probably a bit too busy with people but still, it was a welcome cool-down with nature.

After an hour or so we headed back to Caloundra for lunch at Nikker’s house. We hung out there for a bit and she took me for a drive showing me a few beaches and view points. Unable to escape the searing sun we drove back to Uncle David`s and jumped straight into the pool which we then refused to get of until the sun went behind the trees. By this point the temperature was around the 38 degree mark and the pool was at 30 degrees.

In the evening, Nikkers and I, tagged along with Uncle David and Co. to the Waterfront Hotel which is actually a pub, but the silly Australians call pubs hotels for some reason and this is very confusing for the thousands of British people who inevitably move to Oz.

Nikkers and I

To my delight it was Trivia Night, which is actually Quiz Night but the Australians keep making up new names for stuff as I just demonstrated above. So between drinking wine, eating dinner and partaking in general chit-chat we played the quiz. It was pretty difficult when it came to the Australian questions as we only had one true Aussie on the table and she was rubbish. As it turned out we were rubbish all round and we came last in the first round. So quitting whilst we were behind we moved to the smoking area for the rents and enjoyed the balmy evening by the lake.

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