29/12/2008 – Caloundra Beach and Barbeque


We set off a little late after Monty the dog had been taken to the vet again to get more drugs for his infected eye. Leaving the dogs behind we set off for Caloundra, about 30/40km south. It was a scorching hot day and people were out in force on the beach. The sand was too hot to stand on so we quickly slapped on the sunscreen and ran into the sea where the waves were the biggest I have ever seen. I was met with a couple of frowned expressions when I told my Australia family this. `These are not big waves`, quite simply. Still, I was having trouble trying to jump over these monsters and at one point a wave rudely broke on my face and I was lifted halfway down the beach. Georgina then informed me that it`s best to dive under the really big waves and hold the sand. So I tried this technique but it was pretty difficult when one hand is being used to hold my nose. I know, I`m a complete loser when it comes to water, but nevertheless, I had a lot of fun trying to stay buoyant in the sea.


Around Noon we moved up to the barbecue area for lunch. It`s great, they have public barbeques that anyone can use with a seating area and shade. I was so impressed by this. Uncle David cooked up some chicken and bacon and we unpacked the picnic of salad and rolls. It was the most delicious lunch and I enjoyed the view of the seaside and families eating together, enjoying their holidays together and the clean safe facilities of their beach.


Back in the sea I attempted to rule over a few more waves, climbed over some rock pools with Uncle David and then realised that I was getting sunburnt so moved as much into the shade as I could. The sun was fierce.

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