27/12/2008 – The Lindley Tour of Inland Sunshine Coast


The girls (Auntie Tracy, Jan and I) in the VW Beetle were following the boys (Uncle David, Richard and Matty) in the Van as we whizzed up the motorway towards Eumundi Market. I started to become a bit bored of all the new-ness of Maroochydore and the surrounding area with its shiny new roads and shiny new buildings and squeaky clean streets. I`m a London-girl and I`m used to a little bit more grime than this. At the very least I need some edge to my surroundings, as beautiful as they may be.eumundi

As we drove into Eumundi I was pleasantly surprised by the quaint little wooden buildings containing a host of village shops and cafes. Clearly some of these buildings were older than 20 years old and the village of Eumundi is set into the lush green hillside.

The traffic was rather busy and unsurprisingly the market was busy with families moseying around enjoying their Christmas break. The market was nice including many locally made arts and crafts. Richard and I bought some Home-made Ginger Beer which was delicious and I started to relax into the gentle roll of people meandering through the market when Uncle David suddenly announced that time was up and we were off the next place. We`d only been there 20 minutes! As I soon found out much of the tour was to be like this.Elizabeth St

We climbed back into the cars and started the ascent up into the range on steep winding roads towards Kenilworth. I`m not really a fan of driving up mountain roads but we distracted ourselves with a singalong to the Take That Greatest Hits album. I was amazed how I still remembered so many lyrics to songs from 15 years ago.

At Kenilworth, another lovely village high up in the range surrounding by green fields and vegetation, we went to the Cheese Factory. Not exactly my ideal stop but I kept myself occupied with an enormous chocolate ice cream whilst the others sampled fresh cheeses and yoghurts. Less than half an hour later we were on the move again on the Obi Obi Road up to the Rainforest where we could look out at the gorgeous scenery and the waterfalls below. You can do, what looked like, some lovely walks through the forest but we were once again whisked away to our next stop.

sceneryon tourwith jan

Shortly after we arrived in Montville, another cute village in the mountains where we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Poet`s Cafe. This village had a lot of character and I think it attracts many tourists because of it, nevertheless it was a charming little place and a great stop for lunch.


Fed and watered we took the Mountain View Road across the range stopping to take in the view across the range, the Sunshine Coast and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Our next stop was opposite a stunning view of the Glasshouse Mountains and there we also took a small walk into the rainforest where we saw a Pademelon, which is a small marsupial.


This concluded the Lindley Tour and we headed back down the range, singing our hearts out to Take That.

What did I learn from my day-trip? There is more to the Sunshine Coast than beautiful beaches, and shiny new buildings.

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