26/12/2008 – Boxing Day at the Beach and an evening in Moolalabaa

Today we took my Uncle David`s tinny (boat) down to the river and spent a few hours at the beach hanging out and going for rides in the tinny. It`s a cute little boat but pretty nippy out on the water. Uncle David took Jan and I around Maroochy river and towards the Pacific Ocean. All along the river, families were enjoying their Boxing Day on the beaches with picnics, fishing, boating and swimming in the water. The sun was high and the air humid but out on the water it felt lovely.on the tinny

with uncle davidWe stopped the tinny by a couple of billabongs and walked over the sand dune to the Pacific Ocean where we admired the thundering roar of the waves. After a couple of photo moments we were back in the tinny and drove along the coast where Uncle David pointed out more buildings and spots of significance to him including the new apartment block that he`s working on. I`m afraid I won`t be doing too many touristy things here in Oz, its just too much cash-money.

Back home, I showered and changed ready to meet Georgina after work. Richard drove me there as everyone else was too hammered to do so and the house here is a little out of the way and not exactly easy for me to get about on my own.

with georginamooloolaba

George and I caught the bus to Maloolabaa where George showed me around and we chatted and gossiped as girlies do. It was a lovely evening and nice to just hang out with my cousin on our own.

fish and chips

We ate delicious fish and chips for dinner, which took forever (well, an hour) to be cooked, and then walked to the bar where her friend was having her leaving do. We only stayed for one drink as George is under-age and the drinks were stupidly expensive. Two alcopops cast $16, outrageous! Australia is far too expensive for my traveller budget and is going to ruin me if I stay here too long. I`ve still got Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam to visit plus I want to pop back to Laos.

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