25/12/2008 – Christmas Day in Australia

At 6.30am I got a nudge by Matty telling me that pressie time would be in half an hour.

I haven’t been sleeping well since I got to Oz and I am having rather groggy mornings, but as it was Christmas I didn’t mind so much.

uncle david

I was very lucky and spoilt. I didn’t expect to get many, if any, pressies but I got a stocking of things to open including smellies (very useful as a stinky traveller), some denim shorts, a journal, chocolates and a bottle of wine (also very useful). It was fun to watch everyone open their presents and play with their new stuff. Matty, George and I had a go on Matty`s Wii, playing Guitar Hero which was trickier than I thought it would be.

pressiesopening minewii bandchristmas dinner in australia

The weather was particularly hot and sticky today. We managed to squeeze in Bucks Fizz and sausage sandwiches for breakfast and then into the pool by 10am, not leaving for a couple of hours.


The heat was so unbearable that after consuming more food than I could possibly manage, I retired to the bedroom laden with air-con to take a nap whilst George played with her new Sewing Machine.

xmas in ozMuch of the rest of the day was spent moaning about the searing heat and stickiness, but overall it was a lovely Christmas Day.

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