24/12/2008 – Christmas Eve in Maroochydore

I was on Matthew-watch today as Auntie Tracy and Georgina were still working and Uncle David was going to Brisbane to pick up Richard and Jan who are visiting for a couple of weeks from Chandlers Ford. We were given a list of chores to complete from the bossy-pants that is my Uncle David which I insisted we did before being able to chill out for the rest of the day. In fact most of the day we spent in the pool, it was too hot to be out of it. We only broke to make tuna sandwiches for lunch. Matty informed that I was pretty crap at swimming and needed to use my legs properly. Everyone in this family is pretty bossy, even the 10 year-old. So we worked on my leg work and generally splashed around in the pool until Auntie Tracy came home.


Not long after Uncle David came back with the Moll`s and we started catching up over a few beers and glasses of wine. In fact, everyone was pretty hammered, apart from me and the kids, by dinner time when Uncle David cooked up some fantastic fillet steak.

searching for the southern starswriting christmas cards

Georgina and I retired downstairs to the flat to wrap our Christmas presents, but both being a bit disorganised, we forgot wrapping paper so we used our initiative and used newspaper instead.

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