23/12/2008 – Noosa Beach

Georgina was off to work bright and early and I was shimmied out of the house pretty sharpish by Uncle David and Matty. The weather was seriously hot but luckily the van has air-con. The three of us drove up to Noosa with Uncle David giving the guided tour along the way. We drove along the inland highway, where I was hoping to spot a Kangaroo but they must be hiding.

Cousin Matthew

At Noosa we took a look at where the river me the ocean and some silly kids were swimming. Apparently a couple of hundred people die every year in Australia and really quite unnecessary as they have a good life guard system. The problem lies in people swimming outside of the flagged areas and being unaware of the currents at play.


Matty and I enjoyed ice creams that were dipped in Ice Magic so that there was a hard chocolate coating around yummy vanilla ice cream.

We then walked down to Noosa beach which was fairly busy but nothing like Bournemouth. The sand was a gorgeous white, really fine and far too hot to walk on. Jumping in the sea which was fairly choppy in my opinion, we enjoyed jumping over waves. Uncle David laughed when I told him how big I thought the waves are. I guess in Surfer-land they were pretty small, but bear in mind that the last beach I went to was on Phi Phi where the sea was quite calm. At Noosa we had the power of the Pacific roaring around us.

Uncle David being the fidget-pants that he is insisted on leaving after about 10 minutes but Matty and I refused to leave the sea for about half an hour. Back on sand we were soon whipped away, down Hastings Street and back in the van to drive along the coast to Maroochydore.

with doggy

Back home, Matty and I jumped straight into the pool and enjoyed mucking about until tea-time.

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