22/12/2008 – Welcome to Australia

Uncle Davids back gardenI am sleeping in the flat under the house where my 16 year old cousin Georgina sleeps. Its the only place in the house that has aircon, which is a godsend considering it is now the height of summer here on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. The only downer is that the sun comes up at 4am and I am without curtains in my part of the flat.

I got little sleep but was still shovelled out of bed by Matthew and I went to say hi to George who I also haven’t seen for 2 years and used to be really close to back in England.

Sunshine PlazaGeorgina

Uncle David, George, Matty and I spent the day Christmas shopping at the Plaza and buying supplies for the big C-Day. I also got driven around the area of Maroochydore as Uncle David showed me their haunts etc. I was struck by how much it all looked like the States. All the buildings looked very new, everyone drives cars, everything is shiny and clean  and the shops tend to be in strip malls. It’s a bit disorientating after being in South East Asia and I can’t decide what I think of it yet. But the town is right on the beach and Uncle David’s house is lovely with a pool, an acre of land and a lovely view. It’s also a lot greener here than I imagined. I suppose I had the typical image of Australia in my head as a barren country. Obviously I am a dumb-ass.

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